Blood, steel, and secrets....


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Tedwick is a 1st level half-orc rogue who lives in the village of Brandon’s Bridge with his human mother, Adriana. Since childhood, Tedwick has been honing his skills as a rogue; now, at age seventeen, he is already an effective and sneaky opponent.

Important moments in Tedwick’s life:

  • His mother was enslaved as a prisoner of the Broken Fang Clan during the Third Orc War.
  • Adriana demonstrated cleverness, promoted to assistant to the treasurer.
  • Joined the court as a favorite of King Zaglog. She bore him a secret child, Tedwick. Later she was permitted to escape with her son, and she settled in Brandon’s Bridge.
  • Opened a trading post. When food was rationed in the aftermath of the war, she began smuggling. Tedwick taught himself to build bear traps, and the pair sold spiced bear jerky illegally.
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